A Bigger and Better WaivLife

It's no secret that WaivLife has been on what seemed to be a never-ending hiatus. To be honest with you, I never expected to return to writing for this blog. My mind had become bogged down with various priorities and I thought it best to just let it go. That is one mistake I will never allow myself to make again.

WaivLife is about so much more than just me. It's a resource for all of those who are working every day to make their dreams a reality. Each artist featured on this site has dedicated a great deal of time and effort into their brand, and it's my duty as a writer to spread their story as far as my words will carry it. That is why we're back, and this time we'll be bigger than ever.

In addition to continuing our "Artists to Watch" section featuring artists from all over the globe (That's right, our span will be larger than just the city of Detroit this time around), we'll also be continuing our restaurant reviews on "Let's Try It!" and adding a few new sections. So stay tuned, because WaivLife is back and this time we're here to stay!

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