Cut From a Different Cloth: Ty Harris

For this week's Artists to Watch article, we had the chance to meet with Victim of Society clothing creator and designer Ty Harris behind the scenes of the shoot for his "Addictions" lookbook (shot by @flexdame).

It's no secret that Ty has been quickly rising in popularity both in and out of the city, and it's no surprise either. With his strong attention to detail and his passion for quality, VICTIM was destined to soar.

After moving back to Michigan after a stent of time living in Ohio, the young designer discovered his hidden talent for designing after teaching himself to sew tailoring his own pants. Later that year, the idea for VICTIM was born, but it wasn't ready just yet. He spent the next year honing his skills and making sure everything was just right before releasing his debut collection. Hard work really does pay off it seems, as now his brand will be stocked overseas in the Japanese clothing store, Sosu.

Aesthetically, VICTIM sets itself apart fro other brands, but the true beauty of the line goes beyond appearances. Ty uses his clothing to tell a story, and with each collection that story progresses. The narrative adds substance to the garments, and gives VICTIM something that other local brands don't have, a journey.

With his "Addictions" collection out now at, we're certain that we can expect Ty to keep the ball rolling. As the brand progresses, only one thing can be certain, and that's that the quality of the clothes will only continue to go up.

How did you come up with the name VICTIM?

Victim of society is really just inspired by me coming back home, and seeing how people I grew up with changed. Seeing how they've changed and how they're now products of their environment, because I knew these people when they were young and looking around my old friends have really let their society change them, they're victims of it.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Doing this. Hopefully on a lot bigger scale. I know a lot of people don't want to work on runway clothes, but I want to be up there with brands like Off-White, and A Cold Wall. I know people think it's kind of corny, but I want to be on that luxury level. So definitely stocked in places like Barney's and other high-end retailers, hopefully.

Do you have a specific vision for how you see your clothes being worn?

I see them being worn with other high-end clothes, you feel me? I don't know, but I make whole outfits. I'm not just the denim guy, I'm not the hoodie guy, you know? I make full outfits, so hopefully people wear my clothes head to toe. I make clothes that I would wear, and I make clothes with a purpose. I like to tell stories through garment, they're not just cool clothes, they have a story.

What would you say is the story for your most recent collections?

In it's metaphorical sense, Bullets and Addictions is a metaphor for artists who draw inspiration from pain and struggle. So what happens when they become successful? They're not struggling anymore, but that's what they've based their whole career off of. And I use that to tell the story of an army veteran who comes home and finds himself bulletproof, in a sense. He's not in the midst of war and people aren't shooting at him anymore, but he misses the danger of it, so he turns to addiction. That's why it's split into two collections: Bullets is about heavier garments, thick jackets and big black hoodies, giving the illusion of armor, but then Addictions is softer, nude tones, because this is where he's safe.

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