Building a Name: The CaptWolf Story

This week, we're covering a group of the city's rising stars, CaptWolf.

It's no secret that this Detroit-based rap group has been building a name for themselves amongst a still-growing fanbase. Composed of six members: The Captain, Lex, Mahd, Novakain, Swoozy and Groovy, this group definitely has a sound that's all their own.

Beginning as a group consisting of The Captain and Lex (LexWolf at the time), it slowly began to grow into something more. One by one, CaptWolf went from a duo to a camp, turning old friends into new partners. Each member had been rapping for some time before joining, but they've all managed to merge their own individual styles into one unique sound. Though they may not have all joined the group at the same time, each member is just as vital as the next, with no one person standing above the others.

"Contrary to popular belief I am NOT the Captain, as in running sh*t at least," said the Captain. "Everybody contributes to the group's fame so nobody outweighs the other."

In addition to making music as a group, with tapes such as "Liquor Store Pizza Party at my Crib" and the "F*ck CaptWolf EP" (available now on both Spotify and Apple Music), individual members also release their own music. Groovy recently released his "Night Rider EP" which is now available on SoundCloud.

Each member of CaptWolf may have been rapping for some years now, but that hasn't stopped them from enjoying their craft. There are some perks that make it all worthwhile. Whether it's hearing unheard music or being recognized when they hit the streets, this collective is definitely enjoying their taste of the limelight.

Rapping isn't all these creative individuals have to offer. It's clear after one conversation with this group that they plan to take the name CaptWolf as far as they can carry it. It's more than just the title for a rap group, CaptWolf is the brand with which they plan to make their dreams possible, but what are these dreams?

"World domination," said group member and Manager of Public Relations Swoozy Dolphin.

Say what you will about this bunch of young dreamers, but it's apparent that these guys have got heart, and that's definitely going to carry them a long way.

You each have your own individual sounds that you use in your music. Does that ever cause any issues?

"I think it low-key works out for the better. Everyone does pretty well in terms of styles." ~ Mahd

"It's crazy actually. Nobody sounds the same, we're all completely different in terms of styles but it all just meshes together perfectly, and we didn't plan it like that, it just happened. ~ NovaKain

"And I feel like we know each other's styles pretty well, so if I have Kain on a track I know how he's gonna come on it so I know how I need to come at it." ~ Lex

What are your goals for CaptWolf's future?

"I know we're going to go far, but I would be content with being a household name. Not like HUGE huge, but you know who we are." ~ Mahd

"Personally, I want to get some money and try to turn the city around. Do some parks and youth engagement type stuff. Basically I want just want to be a super old head." ~ The Captain

"I want to shape the culture the right way, and I want future generations to talk about Groovy and Kain and Sui and Swoozy and the Captain." ~ Lex

"My goal is to make some classics that my kids can listen to. Go far, get a couple Grammys, a couple writing credits and make this money with my family." ~ Groovy

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

"More fire, more shows, more merch, more videos, everything." ~ Swoozy

"Expect Spring 2017 to be crazy." ~ Mahd

"More videos, more music and more projects" ~ Lex

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