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If the bright neon sign beaming across South Main Street hasn't been enough to draw you into this small restaurant in Royal Oak, I would suggest that you seriously reconsider. Comet Burger is definitely one of the city's gems when it comes to food.

Though it could be easily overshadowed by the big chain restaurants that pervade the bustling streets of the city, Comet is definitely not a place to be overlooked. The quaint eatery adds its own flare to the traditional Coney menu. They've really made the most of it however, as it's surely a delicious switch up from the typical.

The first thing you should know about Comet's menu is that their burgers aren't burgers at all. A "Comet Burger" is actually a slider, roughly the size of a McDonald's cheeseburger, but make no mistake, they're far from "just another burger." It may be a bit greasy, but hot off the grill with a bun shining in the light, a comet burger will melt in your mouth with each juicy bite. The soft bun meshes perfectly with the slightly firm beef for just the right texture when you chomp down into it. I'd recommend doubles for the big eaters out there, but singles are just fine for those with a smaller appetite.

Another winner on the Comet menu is their triple decker grilled cheese sandwich. A magnificent mix of bread and cheese piled high with three slices of bread. The crunch of the three slices of perfectly toasted bread added with the gooey American cheese slid in-between is definitely a mix worth checking out.

Despite their wonderful menu, Comet still isn't a restaurant that I'd recommend for group outings. They may have great service with very tolerable wait times, but it's a very small building with only one hallway and one row of tables that parallels the bar, so unless you think you're lucky enough to snag one of the only two large tables outside, I'd recommend keeping your Comet squad small (or at least even-numbered).

Though it may not be the best place for your big business meeting, the "small diner" vibe of the place definitely makes it a great location for a date. The best part is, with a large fry big enough to feed two priced at $3.49 and a comet burger with cheese only running a cool $1.85 for a single and $2.75 for a double, you don't have to worry about it hitting your pockets too much. So next time your strolling down Royal Oak and you see the shining neon light with the word "Comet" spelled out in bright red, try it out and see what you think!

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