The Future, the Past and the Now: ABID

In order to kick off the official launch of our site, we're covering one of the city's most insightful and imaginative visionaries, Jordan Azzow.

Jordan is a young designer born in Los Angeles, CA who's spent the majority of his life in Detroit. His LA origins definitely influence who he is as an artist and an individual, as anyone who knows him could tell.

He definitely has a very unique style in both his dress and design that stands out in a crowd.

His clothing line, ABID, makes something good out of something bad, using a slur that was once used to insult Jordan and making it into something great for everyone. It's definitely creating its buzz with his "Detroit Panther" shirts being worn by big names such as Jamie Foxx, Heather Sanders. and Cyhi The Prynce. Lately, he's been working on a series of hats, cut and sewn by the artist himself from premium materials. He likens the way that he creates clothes to the way a rapper releases music. "I just want to continuously improve," said Azzow. "Like how a rapper has one sound on this album and we have this sound on this album."

Whether it's a series of cryptic tweets about the years to come (@jordanazzow via Twitter) or the lightsaber you see tucked into his Pyrex holster at a show, it's clear that Jordan definitely has his head in the future. His outlook for the future is definitely something to think about. "The future is just like the past, it only exists in your mind. But the best way to stop thinking about the past is to think about the future," Azzow says. "The future is whatever you're going to create it to be, I believe that everyone creates their own future."

Another major influence of his is the popular Detroit DJ/Stylist "10 Mile" (@10milekid via Twitter). Azzow definitely credits 10 Mile to contributing to his distinct sense of style. "He was a big inspiration for me, and he still is to this day. He was just in a perfect position and he showed me so many cool and tasteful things." Popular cultural influencers such as Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West also influence his very unique style.

What are your thoughts on the "New Detroit" movement?

I think it's great! Not to sound cliche, but anything that gets the youth fired up and excited about the city we're from and creating is definitely something great. I love Detroit, but we definitely need to help each other out more. We have this whole New Detroit movement but we keep our Old Detroit mindsets which is like "They're over there doing their thing and we're over her doing our thing but we don't really mess with them." Whereas in a city like Atlanta, even if they don't really like someone else's work they're still behind them showing support.

What's your end goal for ABID?

I want in Detroit there to be a new release of something and people from the suburbs lined up downtown, you know what I mean? Kids from the suburbs - little hypebeasts and hypebeastettes. I want them to be lined up and flex like "We got this from Detroit!" I want us to actually be proud of something and change the way that people in other cities wear clothes or view our city.

Are there any fields besides design that you're interested in?

The world of design, especially fashion design, is very egotistic, narcissistic and fabulous ad it's great to do while you're young, but I can't see myself looking in the mirror as much as I do now. I allow myself to be this way right now because I am young, but when I'm older - I don't even know what older really is - but after this I see myself transferring to ideas, maybe in regards to tech or allocating resources. I want to really help the world. I really thing that our reason for being on Earth is really to make it better. It's just I'm young so I can afford to be this young, fabulous designer.

Do you have any words of inspiration for people who seek to be in the position you're in right now?

Work hard, that's it. Don't be afraid to work alone, but work hard. That and take yourself seriously, but not too seriously. But overall it's just work hard. Everything in regards to my brand is just a product of what I've put in, and I wasn't afraid to stand alone and just do my thing. But I haven't made it yet so maybe you shouldn't take my advice too seriously.

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